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scenes with severus snape

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Harry Potter in the Goblet of Fire

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Think about it. When they first met at Madame Malkin’s, Draco tried to impress Harry. He didn’t know who Harry was and, no offence, but Harry was more than shaggy dressed. That means he was undoubtedly not Draco’s class. But Draco didn’t care. When they met again on the train, Draco offered his friendship. Harry refused. And that’s when the teasing began. Look at it this way: if Harry would be a girl, Draco would pull on his pigtails, would poke him in the ribs and would lift his skirt. But Harry is a boy, so Draco copes with his feelings in a different way. He follows Harry around to blackmail him somehow, he always starts a fight and he is mean to Harry’s friends to rise a reaction out of him. If that isn’t love or at least liking, I don’t know what else is.

- Tom Felton (via trust-your-doctor)

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Hardcovers for aesthetics.
Paperbacks to read.
Ebooks to travel.

The holy trinity of book lovers.

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→ Forget stardust, you are iron




Glamour finally speaking my language


One time I showed this guy my fanfiction and he said it was great

He’s the one

I know I haven’t been active lately, I’m having some troubles and stuff. But don’t unffollow me!

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heya so i thought i’d make a little help masterpost. (if you can think of any more categories to add, let me know!) even if this post doesn’t apply to you, it’s great for learning about and becoming educated about various things relating to mental health!

ROUGH NIGHT | listen to let it go from frozen in 25 different languages // lil happy page // happy things tag // luke hemmings’ giggle // 5sos did a dumb thing that will make you smile // and another dumb thing // you’re cute, so look at this complimenting website // disney movies!! // playlists for your moods // cute random acts of kindness // hugs??? // play some pointless dumb but entertaining games to cheer you up // cute things to make you happy // noise machines to help you calm down // the thoughts room // school stress? remember that your mental health comes before schoolwork, always, and your teacher will understand that //

DEPRESSION | coping with your depression// natural depression treatments // antidepressants: which one should you ask for? // explanation of depression // why mental health awareness is important // depression test (answer honestly. not 1000% accurate, of course) //

SELF - HARM | self-harm alternatives // if you’ve already self-harmed, take care of your cuts/burns/etc !! // how to stop self-harming + fully understand it // butterfly project (self-injury prevention) // tips to help stop cutting // how to fade/cover/hide your scars // how to explain scars (excuses) // just relapsed? // feel the need to see blood? (cut a white screen) //

SUICIDE | country suicide hotlines // suicide hotline masterpost // suicidal? talk to someone or help someone! // suicide prevention- like a hotline, but online! // not sure how to help someone who is suicidal? // reasons to live //

OTHER MENTAL HEALTH DISORDERS | types of mental health issues // mental health assessment // borderline personality disorder symptoms //  OCD information and help // seasonal affective disorder // avoidant personality disorder // dependent personality disorder //

INSOMNIA | tips to beat insomnia // understanding & curing insomnia // when to try to sleep (based on when you need to wake up) // tips for falling asleep quickly //

ANXIETY | // understanding anxiety // different types of anxieties // having a panic attack? // dealing with social anxiety // explanations of many anxiety disorders // how to help someone having a panic attack // difference between social anxiety and panic disorder // do not say these things to someone having a panic attack!! // tips for calming down your anxiety // an anxiety attack vs. a panic attack //

EATING DISORDERS | info on different types of ed’s // types of ed’s // why you should try to recover // feeling bloated? // prevent your relapse! // why you should recover (why you need to eat) // love your body // bulimia recovery steps // stop putting yourself down // boost your confidence // self-love // help guide // lose weight the healthy weight (great workout and eating healthy videos) //

ABUSE AND SEXUAL ABUSE | healthy vs unhealthy boundaries in a relationship // abuse hotlines // how to overcome emotional numbness // how to realize sexual abuse is notyour fault // how to realize sexual abuse is not your fault (part 2) // how to realize physical abuse is notyour fault // how to forget about sexual abuse // domestic violence and abuse // how to escape an abusive relationship safely // aftersilence program (victims of abuse and sexual abuse) // do you think someone you love is getting abused? // healing, forgiving and overcoming physical and sexual abuse // speaking out after sexual/physical abuse //

if you can think of other links to add or need help, message me anytime xx

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by Laurent Guinci 

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